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Equity Mindset

Our leadership team has 15-plus years of equity markets execution, coupled with credit markets experience, which shape our perspective into underlying collateral and results in multi-dimensional due diligence and underwriting processes.

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Origin Multilytics℠

We utilize a proprietary suite of machine-learning models that identifies the characteristics of high-risk loans and micro-markets, providing insight before problems arise.

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Local Market Expertise

Our team lives and works in fast-growing markets to gain an in-depth knowledge of market fundamentals.

Leadership Team

Tom Briney

President and Chief Investment Officer

Tom Briney

Tom leads Origin Credit Advisers’ sourcing, analysis and risk assessment processes. He has more than 18 years of commercial real estate and credit experience and has sourced, structured and closed more than $1.9 billion of multifamily, office and industrial acquisitions and developments. 

Chaz Schmidt

Senior Credit Associate

Chaz Schmidt

Chaz is responsible for the underwriting, analysis, and support for Origin Credit Advisers’ risk assessment processes. Prior to joining Origin Credit Advisers, he worked at DBRS Morningstar for five years, focusing on structured credit and CMBS, Freddie Mac K-Series, CRE CLOs, and SASB transactions.

Track Record

The Multifamily Credit Fund1 is a 2021 vintage closed-end Fund. The Fund was designed to deliver a stream of passive income for qualified purchasers. The portfolio is composed of conservatively leveraged Freddie Mac floating rate and fixed rate K-Deal certificates, credit risk transfer certificates and interest-only strips that are backed by cash-flowing and geographically diversified multifamily mortgage loans.


Average Annualized Yield Since Inception for The Multifamily Credit Fund2


Executed Multifamily Credit Fund Bond Value4


Current Net Distribution Yield3


Amount Invested in Multifamily Credit Fund by Origin Principals

  1. The Multifamily Credit Fund was advised by Origin MCF Investco prior to March 1, 2023.
  2. The average annualized net yield since inception is as of 06/30/23 and is calculated utilizing this formula: (Fund Level Distributions/Invested Equity)/(# of days since January 18, 2021/365). Returns are not guaranteed. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. All investments involve a degree of risk, including the risk of loss.  
  3. The net distribution yield is as of 6/30/23 and is calculated as the (June 2023 distribution divided by equity invested) divided by the (30 days in the month divided by 365 days in the year.)
  4. As of June 30, 2023. The Multifamily Credit Fund was advised by Origin MCF Investco prior to March 1, 2023. 
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*Investors who commit to the Strategic Credit Fund will not be charged asset management fees on their committed capital from now until 12/1. This promotion is limited to investors who invest the first $150M of capital.