Why is Private Credit So Attractive Now?

Strategic Credit Fund

As elevated interest rates and tighter lending standards have made capital more difficult to obtain from traditional debt markets, private credit is creating solutions for borrowers—and opportunities for investors. In the multifamily real estate space, regional banks have been one of the primary sources of financing in recent years. But with many banks taking a […]

Strategic Bond Purchase Bolsters our Fund Strategy 

Strategic Credit Fund

The open-end Strategic Credit Fund is designed to deliver potential risk-adjusted returns and income by investing across the spectrum of credit investing opportunities in multifamily. Our most recent bond purchase showcases this flexibility with a portfolio of multifamily properties that meet our criteria for investment in vintage, duration and geographic diversity. And it underlines our […]

What is a Private Credit Fund? 


With tighter lending regulations imposed after the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, private credit fills a financing gap left by traditional banks. Influenced by economic factors, interest rates and regulatory constraints on banks, private credit funds address various financing needs like growth capital, real estate and distressed debt restructuring. These funds have become a vital capital […]