How We Scored a $25 Million Opportunity in Multifamily Credit

Multifamily Credit Fund

Amid current market dislocation, Origin Credit Advisers’ expertise in multifamily credit investment shines. While we maintain our long-term perspective on macroeconomic fundamentals, it is during these times of higher interest rates, inflation and the threat of a recession that our ability to identify opportunities in debt financing becomes most critical. It allows us to seize […]

How We Vet Bonds for Our Private Multifamily Credit Fund 

Multifamily Credit Fund

Every asset in our Multifamily Credit Fund bond portfolio is vetted by Freddie Mac, then double-checked using a rigorous due diligence process. Here’s a closer look at our vetting process for these mortgage-backed securities.   The Opportunity: Freddie Mac’s Multifamily K-Deal Bonds   The seed investment for the Multifamily Credit Fund is a Freddie Mac K-Deal backed by a pool of 10-year floating rate mortgages on multifamily properties. […]

What to Know About Origin Credit Advisers’ Multifamily Credit Fund 

Multifamily Credit Fund

The Origin Multifamily Credit Fund for qualified purchasers* offers a passive income stream that comes from conservatively leveraged mortgaged-backed securities—specifically, Freddie Mac K-Deal and SBL B-Piece certificates secured by cash-flowing, geographically diversified multifamily mortgage loans.   Origin Credit Advisers has met Freddie Mac’s stringent requirements to become an approved B-Piece certificate purchaser because we are affiliated […]